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KPA Elite Performance is proud to work in partnership with IPRO Interactive. An exciting and innovative measuring tool designed to redefine how we assess the health and well being of individuals. IPRO Interactive is a UK based company developing rapid diagnostic products for use in a variety of applied settings. Originally set up to assist the sports world in giving immediate information to athletes, coaches and sports scientists, the product range has also been found useful by researchers and applied workers in the fields of health and exercise, behavioral sciences, the corporate world, and military.

IPRO is the first company in the world to have developed real-time analysis in such analytes, giving immediate results enabling instant practical decisions to be made in the applied setting.

KPA’s decision to work with IPRO interactive is derived from a desire to help business professionals determine their level of physical and mental fatigue. Additionally we utilize this program to assist coaches and athletes identify accurate and meaningful training routines  by utilizing biological markers to determine whether or not over training is occurring.

Sample collection can be easily self-administered and is non-invasive, painless and very convenient. These are the key advantages to using this mode as opposed to blood, which is more cumbersome, invasive, sometimes painful, carries greater risk of infection and in some territories requires medical supervision. Also For many, the simple notion of blood testing is unsavory.

Furthermore, collecting saliva samples is possible any time, day or night because of the overall convenience of collection. Saliva collection can be accomplished under circumstances where blood collection is difficult or inadvisable.

KPA Elite Performance and IPRO Interactive work together to create a truly elite experience for our clients.  Utilizing cutting edge technology to provide real time data gives KPA unprecedented in-depth knowledge regarding what is necessary to reach beyond your best.

For more information visit http://iprointeractive.com