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Letter from the Founder and CEO of KPA Elite Performance




The Motivation That Propels Us



I should not have been able to compete in three different sports internationally. There were people with better genetics and far more talented.

I wanted to be the best I can be and push myself beyond my comfort zone but in an unconventional way.

I should not have been a successful head coach at two Olympic games before I was 28. At the time, there were many coaches with quite a bit more experience.

I’ve never wanted to follow the crowd.

I should not have attained the education I did, including being published in academic journals. There are countless talented scholars available with superior skills.

I love learning and will never stop.

I should not have had the opportunity to work with numerous elite performers, teams and organizations in sport, business and other fields. There were many intelligent people out there fighting for the same dreams.

I strove to take advantage of every opportunity I could find.

It is not that I outworked other people. I’ve always had a excellent work ethic, but others worked harder and for longer. But I’ve seen too many people work too hard and work on the wrong things at the wrong time.

I’ve always questioned conventional wisdom.

The reason for my being here, in this position, is that I never bought into the myth that talent and hard work alone equates to success. There are thousands of people out there who are are very talented in their field of endeavor and work very hard but don’t succeed.

So I bought into always asking why? what? and how?

Why are the best of the best so good?

What are they doing that others aren’t?

How can I not only emulate this, but make it work for me?

My values, beliefs and personal journey became the genesis for KPA Elite Performance. Forming a collective of likeminded experts in the field of human performance to provide unconventionally elite performance solutions to sport and business challenges.

KPA Elite Performance encompasses more than just a collection of educated and well trained individuals. It is a resource of successful professionals who are committed to providing cutting edge knowledge to each client. KPA strives to continue the work ethic and vision that fueled humble beginnings. I have created a concept that has the ability to transform both the process and the performance of individuals who take the time to utilize the program.  The essence of KPA is not teaching clients how to be their best, but rather helping them discover what lies beyond excellence.


Keith Power