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The Client

Parents Mr and Mrs ‘Jedson’ whose daughter ‘Jane’ plays soccer (names protected for the sake of anonymity). 

The Challenge

Mr and Mrs ‘Jedson’ like so many sports parents wanted the very best for their best for their child. They wanted to ensure their daughter who was in her early teens could be the best she could be as a person, as a soccer player and academically. As many parents do, they spent a great deal of time, energy and resources in the pursuit of excellence for their daughter. The issue was they were unsure how to best achieve this.

Were they pushing her too much or not enough? Were they doing too much for her or not enough? What was the best way to help her study effectively? How could they help her be a better soccer player? How could they best ‘motivate’ her to do well in life?

The Solution 

The Jedsons chose to invest in the KPA Elite Parent Program. The program that is research-based, cutting edge and draws upon KPA’s 30 years of experience working with and consulting for Olympic and Professional athletes, coaches and teams and top high schools and Division 1 Universities. It includes insight from the top youth sport research and applied work with parents, coaches and student athletes. 

The first step of the program was for the Jedsons to complete the KPA Elite Parent Questionnaire prior to the workshop. This helped them gain great insight prior to attending the six hour KPA Elite Parent workshop. The questionnaire helped them think about their goals and roles as a sports parent, how much stress they were putting on themselves and their daughter, their relationship with other parents and the team coaches and how they were ‘motivating’ their daughter amongst many other invaluable pieces of knowledge and information.

Next came attending the exciting and illuminating KPA Elite Parent Workshop. This was a six hour event shared with another10 parents to ensure an intimate learning experience – not just from the sport parent experts at KPA, but also parents sharing learning experiences with their children in sport with the other parents.

This workshop explored the following key areas:

  • Building awareness of sport parenting ‘best practice’
  • The KPA Elite Performance Model™ – a simple, yet powerful of understanding where as a parent you can best support your child
  • How to build an elite performance culture for their child through ‘right stuff motivation’
  • How to manage the stress and pressure of parenting
  • Understanding the importance of key lifestyle skills on their child’s performance

This experience ensured the Jedsons left the KPA workshop with the following:

  1. They had experienced a unique learning environment to gain vital sport parenting knowledge
  2. They were provided with over 30 cutting edge parenting “how to tools” to take sports parenting skills to another level
  3. An increase in their understanding of the youth sport experience from a parental perspective
  4. The knowledge and skills to ensure they could create a truly elite performance culture in which their child can thrive
  5. Effective strategies to reduce parental stress and pressure on young athletes

The Sustained Outcome – Ongoing KPA Elite Sport Parent Support

To build on the initial workshop, the Jedsons chose our KPA Gold Level program. This fully integrates the workshop experience and tools into daily life.

This program provided ongoing access to the KPA Elite Performance Parent Online Community, providing up-to-date parenting research, youth sport research, access to parenting tools and our parenting skills blog.

In the addition the Gold Level program provided the Jedsons with five individualized and personal elite performance coaching sessions over a 3-month period post workshop with one of our KPA Certified Elite Performance Coaches.

Parent Testimonials

“The program was excellent. It has helped both my husband and I to think differently about how we can help our daughter be the best she can be. I was really impressed with the science and research behind it as well as the really practical things tools we can use. The follow up coaching has also been invaluable in helping take our daughters performance to another level.”

The Jedsons – Soccer Parents

“This program is the most worthwhile time I have spent in my 17 years as a parent of kids in youth and college sports. I have walked away from many workshops in the past wondering why I paid and spent my time listening to the same common sense advice I already knew. Not this time. This is scientifically based information that’s useful, accessible, and unique. Its value extends far beyond our kids’ lives as athletes. It challenged me as a parent. I only wish I’d had the chance to work with KPA earlier in my sons’ sports career.” 

Denise Oldham – UC Berkeley Educator and Student-Athlete Parent