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The Problem …. and the solution

The challenge, as always for elite level performers in sport and business, is to find a competitive edge over competitors and take ones self, ones team and ones organization to another level.

The problem is that too much emphasis is being placed on the value of talent and hard work to achieve competitive advantage. In sport and business we see talented performers who focus too much on that talent alone to get results. We also see athletes and business people working too hard and too long on the wrong things at the wrong time.

The problem is not enough time, effort and resources in both sport and business are being placed on creating and sustaining the real elite performance differentiator. That is the ‘building’ of an elite performance mindset based on what the elite do differently …. and elite sports and business performers and elite parents do things very differently.

The problem is that sport and business don’t usually work from an elite performance model that can maximize talent and performance capacity.

The Solution

Over the past 25 years, KPA Elite Performance has studied, researched and worked with hundreds of elite performers in sport, business, the military, performing arts and show business. This led us to develop The KPA Elite Performance Model™, which is a simple, yet powerful way of understanding performance and how to perform like the elite do; in an intense, consistent and sustainable manner.