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KPA Elite Performance Audit for Sport

Elite Level Performance for your Team or Organization…

Why Leave it to Chance?

The Elite Performance Challenge

Achieving success with your team or organization on a consistent basis may require much more than financial investment in talent and facilities and hard work. There are many teams and organizations in sport with great players, excellent facilities and vast resources that still under-perform and under-achieve expectations.

What We Hear From Our Clients

“How do I really know my team’s strengths and weaknesses?”

“How do I make use of all this sports analytics data?”

“How do I reduce the injuries on my roster?”

“How can I get my players and team to perform more consistently”

“How can I recruit the right athletes for my program or team?”

“How do I connect with young athletes and get them motivated these days?”

The Sports Performance Arena

Today’s elite sporting arena can best be defined by the following factors:

1. Intense Pressure
2. Constant Change
3. Fierce Competition
4. Small Margins of Error
5. High Cost of Failure

Talent and Hard Work alone does not equate to Elite Performance

Talent and hard work are very important, but they are just a starting point. Most teams you compete against also work hard and have talent. You can only work so hard and more effort does not always translate to better performance and what about the players, coaches and staff who are lost to burnout, illness or injury through working too hard?

The Elite Performance Challenge

Unfortunately, recruiting or acquiring the best talent does not always equate to the best performing team or organization. How many times do college or professional teams recruit the best players but still do not fulfil their potential? How many times do we see a team of stars rather than a star team in action? How do we build in Elite Performance?

The Solution is to do what Elite Teams and Organizations do best

Research has shown that consistently elite performing, high achieving sports teams and organizations tend to have the following factors firmly built in to their cultures:

Elite Performance Systems and Processes

Best Practice oriented Organisational Structure

A well developed and pervasive Elite Performance Culture

Maximization of Coaching and Support Staff Skills

A Growth Mind Set oriented to Constant Improvement

The question them is why guess or leave elite performance to chance when you can know the REAL strengths and weaknesses of your team or organization and build a structure to help ensure consistent results?

At KPA, we can help you take things to another level and help you roadmap your way to greater levels of success through the KPA Elite Performance Audit.

What is the KPA Elite Performance Audit?

It is a process that measures all the key factors that influence how your team or organization is performing.

It is about working in partnership to create objective self-awareness of where your team or organization currently is, where it needs to get to in the future and how you can get there most efficiently.

It is based upon comparisons against the elite sport performance ‘gold standard’ – that is, examining what you are doing in every aspect of your performance against what the best of the best do.

The information gathered forms the basis of an in-depth report with a roadmap of recommendations and goals developed in partnership with you to help you meet your team or organization’s short, medium and long-term performance goals.

What are the Benefits of the KPA Audit and what is your Return on Investment?

– Competitive advantage built in

– Ability to identify ‘the right athletes’ that are the right fit for your organization

– Fitter, healthier and more productive athletes able to maximize their performance

– Less injuries

– Mentally tougher and more resilient athletes

– A star team rather than a team of stars

– Athletes, coaches and support staff that have the ‘right stuff’ motivation

– Engaged and motivated coaches, administrators and support staff

– More efficient working best practices and better use of available resources

– Differentiating your brand through higher performance and improved results

– Greater fan and media interest and excitement

The 12 Point Performance Audit covers the following:

1. Organizational and team culture
2. Fitness testing and physiological monitoring and support
3. Strength and conditioning training
4. Communication skills and conflict resolution approaches
5. Performance analysis systems (including game film use)
6. Mental toughness and sport psychology support
7. Lifestyle management support and development
8. Sport science support
9. Nutritional support
10. Sport medicine support
11. Identification, recruitment and development of talent (both players and staff)
12. Program coordination and structure