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The Client

A Leading Global IT Consultancy utilizing The KPA Elite Performer Program.

The Challenge

A leading Global IT Consultancy approached KPA with a series of performance challenges that they were looking for solutions for their senior leadership team. The team had worked together for some time and collaborated well together.

However, the environment in which these key players have to perform was characterized by intense pressure, high levels of stress, a culture of long hours, fierce external competition, small margins of error, and a high cost of failure.

The bottom line was the leadership team members were working longer and harder to manage existing client commitments and to increase sales. Fifteen-hour days during the week and 8-10 hour days on weekends were not uncommon. Team members whilst passionate about their business, were becoming increasingly physically and mentally exhausted.

So, the necessity was for key players to have to perform at their very best all day, every day, in this hyper-competitive culture just to stand still. Taking it to another level was feeling impossible.

The Integrated Solution

So, how could the company’s key players thrive rather than just survive in such a competitive arena? The common response to this challenge is often not based on the sound principles and practices of Elite Performance. More often than not, key players are just given unrealistic expectations to do more, get it done and ‘tough it out’.

These solutions are usually based around pilling on more responsibilities and tasks on fewer and fewer staff and pushing the most talented, key players in the organization to their limit. Yet this actually sabotages both performance and business results in the end.

Working with KPA, we helped the team understand the real issue was that they were not seeing themselves as human performers. Yet what they were doing everyday was performing themselves, for their co-workers and teams and for their clients.

We taught the team the art and science of Elite Human Performance that we see evidenced so often in the worlds of sport, the elite military forces and the performing arts. through the KPA Elite Performer Program

We helped them understand what human performance is, what human performance skills are and by measuring, monitoring, managing and enhancing these skills, how they could ensure that they could operate at a higher and more sustainable level.

It’s what we at KPA we call this SELP … Sustained Elite Level Performance. This key solution is the outcome of our cutting edge KPA Elite Performer Program that we delivered to the team.

The KPA Elite Performer Program – Outcomes

The KPA Elite Performer Program is designed to ensure that clients can Think, Feel and Act like an Elite Performer. The 10 member leadership team experienced a program which provided them with:

  • Higher and More Consistent Confidence Levels
  • Greater Physical and Mental Energy
  • The “Right Stuff” Motivation
  • Intense Focus
  • Resilience and Hardiness
  • The Ability to Perform Consistently Under Pressure

The KPA Elite Performer Program – A Four Step Process 

  1. Each participant completed the KPA Elite Performer Questionnaire prior to the workshop. The questionnaire helps participants examine a number of key elements critical to elite performance such as mental preparation, sleep, nutrition, wellness, perceptions of their technical skills and tactical skills, resilience levels, performance ability under pressure and motivational profile.
  2. Participants then utilized a super cool aspect of Elite Performer Program – the biochemical monitoring. Participants provide saliva samples that were analyzed ahead of the workshop. This provided an monitoring of health and well-being, alongside the KPA Elite Performance Assessment Questionnaire. Samples were analyzed for the stress hormone cortisol and another marker (secretory IgA), which is used for assessment of one aspect of immune function and acute stress. These were reviewed confidentially with each participant during the workshop.
  3. Next was the exciting and illuminating two day KPA Elite Performer Workshop which helped build awareness of elite performance ‘best practice’, The KPA Elite Performance Model™ – a simple, yet powerful of understanding performance strengths and weaknesses, how to build an elite performance culture for you and your ‘team or organization’ through ‘right stuff motivation’, how to perform under pressure, how to build performance capacity, how to build performance Resilience and critically how to change negative habits and build positive habits to actually be an elite performer on a day to day basis.
  4. To ensure that the tremendous insight to the habits, skills and behaviors of elite performers could be internalized and executed by the team, the team KPA Elite Performance Coaching support. This consisted of five individualized and personal elite performance coaching sessions over a 3-month period post workshop with one of our KPA Certified Elite Performance Coaches.

The Sustained Outcome – Real World Feedback from Participants

“The programme was excellent. It was fun, engaging and challenging. It helped me understand what elite performance is all about and how to be a elite performer on a day to day basis.”

Company CEO

“The support and insight added tremendous value to my business performance. During a very tough work period I was able to ‘raise my game’ with the individuals and teams I was working with. The coaching also helped me view my performance in a different way which really helped at both at work and in my family life.”

Company COO

“Even after the coaching period ended I still work with my focus areas, which I think has not only benefited myself but also the organisation. I have only positive experiences of the program.”

Company VP of Sales and Marketing