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Coaching in the Workplace – the Landscape

Coaching in the workplace can be a challenging and confusing endeavour for managers, leaders, board members and HR professionals. Several recent scholarly articles, including the Harvard Business Review recently concluded:

  • Many HR professionals and business leaders felt confused as to what coaching was and its impact in the workplace

  • That often the coaching services provided, lacked consistency, rigour or frameworks

  • That those who delivered the services were poorly qualified and experienced

  • That those who received coaching often viewed it as a remedial service for underperformers!

With this in mind it is important to choose coaching services carefully. Coaching programmes need to be:

  • scientifically rigorous

  •  based on best practice

  •  practical, simple but effective

  • be system and process based.

…..At KPA we can put ticks against all of these boxes

We provide a truly unique and powerful coaching programme – KPA Elite Performance Coach and truly unique and powerful performance coaching support services. – KPA Elite Performance Coaching.

 Program background

This programme is about producing elite level coaching in the workplace. It ensures participants can internalise and deliver the knowledge, mindset and habits of elite sports coaches in the workplace. The programme is research driven and draws upon our experience of working with numerous elite sport coaches who have to operate in highly pressurised environments. Fun and highly interactive, this programme takes a unique and powerful approach to elite level performance coaching.

This programme is for:

  • Board members

  • Senior business leaders

  • Team leaders

  • Business managers

  • Those new to coaching

  • Those who want to take a more systematic approach to coaching

  • Anyone who wants to take their coaching to a another level

The programme will guarantee participants will learn and internalise:

  • The meaning of elite performance coaching

  • What elite coaching is all about

  • What elite sports coaches do and how to apply this in the workplace

  • The mindset of the elite coach

  • The tools and techniques for elite level coaching

  • A powerful system and process for elite coaching

  • Their strengths as a coach and areas for improvement

The programme includes:

• A comprehensive individualised coaching development plan

• The ability to measure, manage and improve coaching performance

• Top class performance coaching support to ensure improved coaching

Participants will receive:

• A tried and tested system and process to achieve elite level coaching in the workplace

• Measurement and re-measure of current and desired coaching development needs

• A programme workbook and support material

The programmes output is a coach that …

  • Has a clear understanding of what coaching is

  • Has a number of powerful coaching tools and techniques

  • Has an elite coaches mindset

  • Has a simple and powerful coaching system and process

  • Is highly confident

  • Can create and sustain higher individual and team motivation levels

  • Can coach individuals to higher and more sustainable performance levels

And has….

• A comprehensive understanding of coaching strengths

• Guidance as to what needs changing to improve their coaching performance