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Maximizing your child’s human performance potential

The Youth Sport Scene in 2015

Expectations for our young athletes have never been higher. Today, the goal is to identify talent early and develop it. Parents and kids alike feel the pressure to navigate this hyper-competitive, pressure-filled, make-it-or-break-it world of youth sport. Significant amounts of money are being spent by parents on professional coaching, strength and conditioning, technical training, and even sport psychology. As parents, we often ask ourselves, “Am I doing enough?” “Am I doing too much? “Am I doing the right things?”

The Big Picture

With expectations, pressure to perform, scholarships on the line, all combined with our strong emotional attachments to our kids, it can be easy lose sight of the big picture. Are your kids developing the confidence to perform their best? Can they reflect on their own performance to learn and grow? Are they independent enough to manage their academic, athletic and personal responsibilities? Do they have strong core values to help them navigate decisions? Are they able to build strong relationships with others?

Challenges of being a Youth Sport Parent

Today’s focus on early specialization and professional training models for youth sports require that parents of kids interested in sports develop a very different skill set than in the past. There can be pressure from youth sport organizations to “do more.” There is social pressure to “keep up.”

Role of the Elite Sport Parent

As sports parents, we are financial providers, emotional supporters, chauffeurs, snack makers and mentors to our young athletes. More importantly, our role is to ensure we create the ‘culture’ that our young athletes live in daily. How we think, respond and communicate with our children teaches them how to do the same in their own world. Our expectations and family culture set the framework for success in academics, sports and life in general. How well are we able to truly create a thriving environment in today’s challenging landscape for parents? The KPA Elite Parent Program can ensure you achieve this.

The KPA Elite Parent Program Background

The KPA Elite Parent Program is an evidence-based, research-based, cutting edge program that draws upon KPA’s 30 years of experience working with and consulting for:

  • Top professional athletes and coaches from the NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, English Premier League Soccer and Boxing World Champions
  • Olympic champions, medalists and teams
  • Top national and international sports orgnizations such as Leaders in Sport, The British Olympic Association, The United States Olympic Committee, UK Sport, The Rugby Football Union, Welsh Rugby Union and the British Olympic Bobsled Association
  • Top Division 1 College and High School athletes, coaches and teams including UC Berkeley, St. Mary’s College, University of Santa Clara, San Jose State, San Diego State, UCLA and Cal Poly.

Benefits of the Elite Parent Program

  • Maximizing the success, fulfillment and enjoyment you desire for your young athlete.
  • Providing effective strategies to assist in reducing parental stress and pressure.
  • Providing cutting edge parenting tools and techniques to maximize your skills as a parent.
  • Increasing understanding of the youth sport experience from a parental perspective.
  • Learning how to create a truly elite performance culture in your family that allows everyone to prosper mentally, emotionally, spiritually from a lifestyle management perspective.
  • Getting ‘training insurance’. Getting the most value out of the coaches, programs, private trainers, training consultants and physical therapists that you may already be working with.

The KPA Elite Parent Process

Step 1: Attend the KPA Elite Parent Workshop

This Bronze Level program is a highly intimate, fun and engaging workshop through which you will learn world-class strategies that will create an elite parenting mind set to benefit everyone in your family. You will learn how to facilitate the development of more autonomous, confident and socially connected young people and young athletes.

Initial performance learning is built around The KPA Elite Performance Model™. This model will help you understand the six key elite performance skills required for elite parenting and how to utilize these skills to maximize your performance and the success of your child.

Step 2: Ongoing KPA Elite Sport Parent Support

To build on the initial workshop, the Silver Level program provides ongoing access to the KPA Elite Performance Parenting Online Community. This provides up-to-date parenting research, youth sport research, access to parenting tools and our parenting skills blog.

To ensure that your family fully integrates these tools into daily life, we offer the Gold Level program. This affords you all the benefits of the Silver Level program, with the addition of five individualized and personal elite performance coaching sessions over a 3-month period following the workshop with one of our KPA Certified Elite Performance Coaches.

Parent Testimonials

“This program is the most worthwhile time I have spent in my 17 years as a parent of kids in youth and college sports. The credentials and skills of the instructors are unmatched. I have walked away from many workshops in the past wondering why I paid and spent my time listening to the same common sense advice I already knew. Not this time. This is scientifically based information that’s useful, accessible, and unique. Its value extends far beyond our kids’ lives as athletes. It challenged me as a parent. I only wish I’d had the chance to work with KPA earlier in my sons’ sports career.”

Denise Oldham – UC Berkeley Educator and Student-Athlete Parent

“I wish that I had this information years ago. It was very enlightening to learn new ways to help student-athletes. The manner is which the information was presented was excellent.”

Mr and Mrs Jedson – Ice Hockey Parents

“The program was excellent. It has helped both my husband and I to think differently about how we can help our daughter be the best she can be. I was really impressed with the science and research behind it as well as the really practical tools we can use. The follow up coaching has also been invaluable in helping take our daughters performance to another level.”

Mr and Mrs Smith – Soccer Parents

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