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Dave Hancock

KPA Associate

Dave has something of a unique and eclectic background which spans sports training, strength and conditioning, sports physiology and performance analysis. He is a qualified physical therapist and Strength and Conditioning coach with over 20 years at working in three codes of professional sport from rugby, soccer and now Basketball. He was head sports physiotherapist at several top soccer teams including Chelsea and the England National Team.

He was the first Englishman to be recruited by an NBA franchise (New York Knicks) to become the first Performance Director of their professional athletes. He was recruited by the New York Knicks to oversees all training and Performance for the basketball squad and travels. Under Dave’ s guidance they were the first NBA team to use GPS software to track the players Training and Game information to help the coaches with their preparation of athletic performance throughout a grueling 82 game regular season .His influence of Science and its use in the practical field has helped the Knicks change their approach to training and analytics.

He has published numerous papers on the Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the knee and Ankle complex looking at Rehabilitation and injury Prevention. He has a regular column in the New Leaders in Performance magazine where he interviews and discusses the latest innovations and concepts being used at the highest level of professional sport around the World, the title is “The future of Sport”. Dave is currently on the board for Nike Performance and is a regular lecturer around the world within the world of Sports performance, Sports analytics and Medicine.